Monday, May 22, 2006

This is todays front page from the Herald Express.

I don't think I should or could add anything to the long and detailed story printed across five pages of the local newspaper and there is no need for me to do so.

Perhaps now the Lib Dem activists in Torbay may learn that politics is not a game to be won at all costs, but a serious business about who runs our country and our borough and how they do it.

It remains to be seen where Bay politics goes from here, but perhaps after this dreadful nadir we can get on with the business of discussing the alternative methods by which each party would aim to improve people's lives. Let's hope the others are in future prepared - as Conservatives always have been - to discuss and be judged on our policies in an open grown-up and fair debate.

Conservatives have to focus on providing a decent, honest and committed alternative administration in 2007 and that is where our efforts must continue to concentrate.


Anonymous said...

This is a truly shocking indictment on a local political party.
It must be a new low when even Gordon Jennings admits they have no chance in the local elections next year!
Though possibly he is hoping that the Conservatives will think there is no contest and not put their full effort into the campaign.
Let's look forward to a good crop of new faces next year who really want to work together for the good of the whole of the Bay.
Decent - Honest - Committed; fine words Marcus. I would suggest they become the unofficial slogan for next year's elections.
Personally I want to see some positive campaigning now, let's get away from all the negative aspects of the last few years. Show the electorate what can and must happen.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a bit of a non-story from a trashy red-top tabloid that LIKES CAPITAL LETTERS.

Anonymous said...

If it was an isolated incident I would agree, but it's not; it is part of a pattern of deception and devious behaviour that has discredited politics in Torbay.

Like you I find the Herald a bit trashy on occasion but it has done a good job on exposing this for what it is, a shameful bit of gutter politics.

Eric Cartman said...

Typical of the Herald to run off with a 'Tory story' all of which hides the fact that Nick Bye is making a pigs ear of the mayoralty and, with no policies to come for 18 months, Marcus is pusuing a line of anti-Lib Dem bile rather than saying what he has to offer the constituency.

Pity for him that many remember previous absentee Tory MPs who used Torbay for their own ends / careers. Mr Wood may not be as habitually dishonest and spivvy as [say] Rupert Allason, but running down Adrian Sanders' record of service will do him no good.

By your actions you help firm up my vote for the Liberal Democrats next time. Oh, and Bye the best the bay can hope for ?! It seems the growing discontent with him in Torbay is at odds with your Alice-in-Wonderland version of events !

Former Lib Dem Voter said...

The gutter must be overflowing, what with the HERALD up one end and SANDERS, HARRIS and other Lib Dems down the other end...

I would guess that there is still more to come on this story. I wonder if Sanders will then admit he is a liar?

If he does, he will no doubt just say 'sorry' and carry on claiming his £100k pay/expenses, rather than doing the honourable thing.

It still seems hypocritical that Sanders takes the annual increases in MPs Allowances and pensions etc… (even though he votes against them), and yet has the cheek to criticise his Lib Dem Councillors for taking their increases?

But don't think FAT CAT Harris has escaped my attention... Was I the only one who was surprised that he finally admitted he had lied, I wonder what else he has lied about?

I wonder when Saint Cllr Darling is going to get his comeuppance? He always seems to adopt a patronising ‘holier than thou’ attitude... Despite being a 'poorly paid' councillor and a 'lowly paid' MPs assistant... How come he can afford to send his kid to a Private school? Maybe the benefit handouts he claims are too generous!

Also, how can he make decisions about our schools in the Bay if he doesn’t have confidence in them himself?

I guess it is just another Lib Dem hypocrite!

ps Where's Barrie? He has gone very quiet...

Anonymous said...

At least Harris has had the guts to admit he lied, will Sanders have the same? I doubt it.

Eric Cartman said...

Hmmm....why are all Tory supporting contributors anonymous or hiding under nicknames on this site ? It looks like a concerted effort to flood this site with sympathetic contributions to drown out malcontents !

Geoff Carr (a Tory and proud of it) said...

Eric, I bet you are one of those Lib dems who thinks the Herald Express is corrupt; because they exposed your party for what they are - a shifty bunch of liars.

Perhaps, like your councillor friends, you just can't accept that growing numbers of ordinary people are plain fed up with your lot of wasters and freeloaders!!

The longer your lib Dem friends believe your party's unpopularity is either a mirage or Tory-inspired plot the better because it just means you go on making yourselves look arrogant and nasty.

Eric Cartman said...

The personalised nature of the comments re Cllr Darling reveal that the Tories remain what your former party Chair called the 'nasty party'.

The HE, part of the Daily Mail group of papers - well known for 'left-wing' views - NOT !

Anonymous said...

To quote eric Cartman:

why are all Tory supporting contributors anonymous or hiding under nicknames on this site

May I pose you the same question?

Marcus Wood said...

To Eric Cartman and the anonymous poster above.

I have done a quick survey of a sample of other posts on the site and there are no more anonymous Tories than others - indeed if you go back to the election period there was a string of hostile and some downright unpleasant comments left by opponents supporters - all were left anonymously.

People have every right to post anonymously or under an alias if they want to.

Barrie Wood said...

It would be nice Marcus if you distanced yourself from the personalised comments made by a contributor about Cllr Darling !

Let's keep the debate pleasant, political but not personal !