Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Going... going.... gone?

Joy of joys. There are reports everywhere in the media today about the almost certain demise of the ID card scheme.

I am lifted this morning by this news. I cannot explain why I have such a determined hatred of the concept of an ID card, other than the fact that it goes against everything I thought we valued in the country in terms of being free citizens. The concept of a British policeman being able to stop you on the street one day in the future and say "your papers, please" was just too chilling for words.

Outright abandonment in one go is unlikely but there will I am sure be a series of 'amendments' which will mean that the all encompassing biometric card and the 'big brother' style universal citizens database that go with it will not now be instigated before there is a change of Government.

Thank goodness for that.


Barrie Wood said...

Good grief Marcus - got to agree with you again ! Potentially very cheering news indeed. As you say it 'goes against everything I thought we valued in the country in terms of being free citizens' - Sums it up exactly.

It would be another self-inflicted disaster for Labour. If this proves to be true I look forward to the ubiquitous David Pedrick-Friend 'spinning' this one away!

Marcus Wood said...

Ah, the good Dr Pedrick Friend.

David is a genuinely nice guy who passionately believes in the whole New Labour thing - but I cannot believe that he is really in favour of ID cards, deep down.

Mind you, lots of my members are. I got a lot of stick from Conservatives when I came out against them last year.

Anonymous said...

ID cards are just another Labour gimmick that will come to nothing.

What a waste of space this Government are.

Yet another computer farce to add to all the others.

Anonymous said...

Marcus , you say your in favour of being a free British citizen ? How does the sit with being in a PR EU Party?

Marcus Wood said...

I have no problem sitting in a party that wants to use it's influence to change the EU into being a more democratic and subsiduary body to national Governments that nonetheless has a vital role in keeping the European Community 'open for business.'

Being a member of the EU has maintained my freedom and in some ways increased it, I am now free to travel, do business and indeed live and work in a number of other countries as well as my own.