Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lebanon -now what?

I am scheduled to make a fact-finding trip to Israel in November to see for myself the situation in the Middle East.

I am not currently a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel group who are organising the trip but I am generally sympathetic to Israels plight and believe that they have a right to defend themselves from attack.

However the recent Lebanon war in my view exceeds what is a fair and rightful response to the attack from Hezbollah. The best analogy I can think of is that if you had neighbours whose kids were throwing stones at your cat, would you be entitled to break into their house, trash their furniture and beat up the parents?

How would the world have reacted if, during the 1970's IRA attacks in London, the RAF had bombed bridges and power stations in Dublin?

In the modern age of 24 hour tv news overwhelming brute force is often less useful than winning the war of hearts and minds. Unfortunately Hezbollah have come out of this as the underdog heroes and are now stronger and more powerful than ever, in my view.

The shame of it is that the Israeli's, like the Americans after 9/11, have over-reacted exactly as the Arab extremists intended making the terrorists much stronger and free democracies weaker.

Perhaps the fact that the Israeli's appear to have lost this war might in the long run serve a useful purpose. The realisation that having the strongest army in the region is not enough to beat a determined unsurgency might persuade the Israelis that they have to consider occasionally turning the other cheek when provoked by their enemies.

I will know more when I return.

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Sami LIPKIN said...

I think the author is right in his logic.

Still the crimes done by israelis exceed the destruciton of the houses. It was deliberate.
But there is a major question: is the existence of israel threatened.
The author defends isael existence- does he defend existence of palestinian state? Do israeli accept palestine ?
Hezbollah took 2 soldiers prisoners in order to exchnage them with other prisoners taken by israelis -
does the author know that israel has 10,000 prisoners palestinians ( among them pregnant women and new mothers) ? Imagine each time israel army kidnap a civilian the palestinian go and destroy 500 buildigns each having 40 appartment and kill 400 children.

Do they have this right ?

Why israel occupy ?

Some - too much pro israeli - say that those Hamas and Hezbollah want to destroy israel.

But in reality this is not true - they want to remove occupation and they want palestinian to return to their land. It is their right -

Why a jewish man from new york ( who already has a house and full rights in a society ) has more rights than a palestinian to return to that land - isnt this too much racist ? based on religious racism?

sami.lipkin@gmail.com From MINSK )