Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Whats in store for 2007?

Well in the first instance locally we are pleased to announce that LORD TEBBIT (Pictured) will be the guest of honour at a spring Dinner we are holding to raise funds. The dinner, on March 17th, will be open to all and I am looking forward to hearing Norman speak again; he is funny, lively and very wise. His charicature 'tough guy' image is not at all accurate - he is in fact an exceptionally gentle and considerate man who shortened his political career to care for his wife Margaret who was disabled in the Brighton bombing; we are privileged to have him.

Then in MAY we have the LOCAL ELECTIONS for the council. All 36 seats are up for grabs and the Conservatives hope to make enough gains to win control of the council chamber from the Lib Dems who hold the balance of power at the moment; and have been using it to stop mayor Nick Bye from getting on with the job he was elected to do. I am confident we will both gain control and then deliver a better, more responsive and more focused council designed to give residents a cleaner, safer and more prosperous Torbay.

Later in the year TONY BLAIR will step down and most people still think that Gordon Brwon will succeed him (although I am still not so certain). If it is Gordon I expect a dazzling blaze of new initiatives designed to take the press focus off his 'personality' and on to his 'agenda'. I also expect a complete clear-out of the cabinet and in effect we will end 2007 with a new Government - one that we haven't had the chance to vote for.

Will there be a 'snap' election in 2007? No chance.

Well, politics is an uncertain game, so I am not going to predict anything else; except that I expect the Conservatives to end 2007 even further ahead in the polls than we are today.


liberal left said...

Ah... Normo Tebbs....the Chingford Skinhead - Not exactly fitting the caring and inclusive image that Cameron and his Etonian chums are trying to hoodwink us into believing that the Tories now represent.

liberal left said...

Polly Toynbee isn't a politician but she can be illiberal and irritating. I thought she was the new Tory social policy guru ?! Or was that so last week for the ever shifting Tories under Cameron.

Poor Polly a status she'd surely have never wanted ! Still she should be reassured that its nothing more than Tory 'spin' !

Why not include David Cameron in your poll of irritating politicians ;-)

Marcus Wood said...

Liberal Left, just like you I find Polly Toynbee very irritating and deeply illiberal.

But she made a useful analogy a couple of years ago about society being like a camel train across the desert, if one part falls too far behind the main train then it ceases to be a single train and becomes two, seperate ones.

Her solution as a socialist is to restrict those in front, slowing the entire camel train down to allow the stragglers to catch up.

Our solution is to help the stragglers to go a bit faster.