Monday, February 19, 2007

Will the BNP be standing in Torbays council elections?

Torbay Borough has important 'all-out' council elections coming up in May and as a cursory glance at the local paper will reveal all the parties are moving into pre-election mode.

So far we learn that the Liberals Democrats will probably field a pretty thorough field of candidates in every ward, UKIP are putting up some candidates in some wards and Labour will mount a campaign in a few target wards; all pretty much as usual.

I expect one or two independent candidates to do put in a show but as the mayoral contest and previous by elections have proved they have a mountain to climb and I will be very surprised if any of them win a seat.

But what about the BNP? The last time the elections were fought the BNP had a very patchy record but they did put up a handful of candidates and they did unfortunately win a few votes.

However much the local political activists and politicians oppose each other we are all in the business of trying to improve Torbay; the difference is in how we would prefer to do it. In all but one case I respect the political parties I oppose even if I don't agree with them.

There is just the one exception.

I make no apology for saying that the BNP aren't welcome in Torbay local politics.


Barrie Wood said...

Agreed entirely Marcus. Thank you for saying this !

Nick Griffin only recently met with David Duke of KKK infamy. The post fascist reframing of the party is only skin deep. Look at Searchlight any month for details of intimidation, co-operation with racist / neo-nazi elements and criminality rooted throughout all levels of the party.

I often disagree with you Tories, but I do believe most are in the business of improving the bay in the way you think best.

A resounding vote against the BNP would please me greatly, even if that results in more right wing votes going to the Tories and electing more of you !

Democrats of all hues must emerge victorious !

Marcus Wood said...

As Mr Tebbit frequently points out the BNP are not a party of the right, even though they are always portrayed as one.

Nationalism and racism are completely alien - the total opposite in fact - to right wing thinking.

I mustn't nitpick, I agree with you and thanks for your support.

Barrie Wood said...

I don't think I'll listen to 'cricket test' Tebbitt on issues of race (or much else for that matter) !

Marcus Wood said...

So I take it you won't be coming to the dinner at the Grand we are hosting at which he is the guest speaker on March 17th, Barry?

Barrie Wood said...

Are you inviting me Marcus ?!

I do hope the 'independent' mayor will be in attendance too ;-)

AJ said...

Unfortunately the BNP is striking a chord for a minority of people in this country.

To me what this highlights is a very pressing need for all of the mainstream parties to have a more general, mature & apolitical consideration of the way in which our democracy actually functions. This applies to national and local politics, where in the latter case there would be something to be said for enforced independence of council candidates depending on the size of the administrative area.

One of the biggest concerns to politicians, activists and local authority leaders should be the poor turnouts and apathy, particularly locally and among the under 35s. I fear that one of the legacies of the labour government though will be an ever more aggressive movement towards a quasi presidential system where notions such as collective or ministerial responsibility and the impartiality of the (senior) civil service has been further eroded.

Anonymous said...

Dont be so PC Marcus, if people want to vote for the BNP then so be it, if people want to vote for Tory party then so be it - its called a democracy , or what we have left of it!!