Friday, March 30, 2007

Just how much


do you need?

So Lib Dem MP Adrian Sanders is yet again making hysterical noises demanding yet more consultation on a Casino in Torbay. I think our MP’s protests merely demonstrate how out of touch with local opinion he has become

In my online survey of local opinion less than 2% considered the Casino their most pressing issue; compared to 42.8% who worry most about the local economy and 25% the need for a bypass.

The Casino scheme is already the most reviewed, consulted and voted on project in our entire Civic history.

1). There was a full public consultation by the Government on super-casino’s when the Green Paper was published in 2004.

2). There was a full debate in the House of Commons when the law was passed.

3). There was local consultation by the Council before the application for a Casino was made in 2005.

4). Mayor Nick Bye held a public meeting to debate the Casino in 2006.

5). There was a debate in the Council to scrutinise the decision to launch a bid for a licence by Torbay TDA earlier this month.

6). There has been an unexpected second opportunity to public consultation in both Houses of Parliament this week.

And finally there will be a further ample opportunity for local residents one and all to have their voices heard during the planning application that will have to take place before a Casino could ever open.

How sharply this contrasts with the lack of consultation by the Lib Dems over closing schools and toilets in Torbay and, most of all, increasing their own pay.

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Anonymous said...

The whole whacky plan looks dead in the water.

I'm a supporter of you and David Cameron Marcus, but the Casino idea was simply a plot for Gordon Brown and the Labour Government to wriggle out of giving Torbay the proper financial support we need.

I want to see regeneration succeed but I'm not convinced a casino is the right way to do it.