Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Bad day to try and bury bad news

  • £5,000,000,000 goes 'missing' on Tax Credits shambles
  • Housing market in turmoil over HIP fiasco
  • Judges refuse to back Government over Ministry of Justice plans
  • UK Government will miss it's child poverty targets says Bernardo's
These are just four of the leading press stories in todays newspapers. The New Labour fiasco rolls on and on with one embarrassing cock-up after another.

If Gordon Brown does nothing else he needs to get a grip on the way this country is being run and do so quickly, but the problem is that many of the biggest cock-ups are in fact down to him.

Three out of four of todays stories are directly or indirectly related to Gordon Brown and his insistant meddling in departments across the piece.

Having read two biographies of Gordon Brown (including the excellent one by Tom Bower) I remain convinced that a Gordon Brown government will be WORSE than a Tony Blair one.

If Britain was a public company either it's board would have been sacked by now or it would have been taken over by someone else.

But I suppose we are undergoing a 'break-up' bid with Alex Salmond in Scotland aren't we?


John Hardy said...

An interesting point. Mind you if GB was plc we would have hived off those loss making divisions of Scotland and Wales yonks ago. They plainly aren't core business and distract "the Board" from issues of real importance.

Having said that I don't think unfication is quite dead yet. Lets face it most people are aspirational and that includes you Mr Wood. Which Scottish politician is going to play at being Ian Macgregor (Interesting Scottish name!) and divest themselves of the chance of a plum job as UK PM with it's potnetial world stage?

The alternative First Minister post of Scotland with economy on a par with BP plc is hardly the same...

John Hardy said...

Ooops posting error. My facts were from 2000. According to the 2006 Fortune Global 500 Index of largest companies Scotlands economy equates roughly to number 43 on their list, which is.....

None other than Home Depot!

In other words our good American cousins spend more on screwdrivers and the like than those kilted chaps spend on everything!

I say lets have a job lot sell off and see whether we can divest ourselves of the tight fisted Celts. You never know perhaps some other country is in need of a loss leader.

I think a good partner might be Cameroon; with a name hinting vaguely at Scottish ancestry, (Surely just a corruption of Cameron, ho ho?!) wild unruly inhabitants, and a propensity to leg it to England for proper opportunities - sounds like a merger made in heaven!

Lastly, Cameroon is ranked no. 81 in the world economies, with a GDP of $18bn, so Scotland would finally be the stronger partner in a potentially blissful Union.

Ted McBride said...

I don't understand where this is going, Gordon Brown can't become Scottish Minister anyway.

It's a myth that Scotland costs Britain money, the oil revenue from North Sea would go to Scotland under International Law if it was separated; as it is England gets more then it pays out