Friday, June 01, 2007

Have The Lib Dems Popped the balloon idea?

I heard the now familiar sound of cartwheels and horsewhips again this week.

Yes, yet another Lib Dem political bandwagon is rolling into a newspaper near you.

Not content with having been completely on the wrong tack about the Casino, a Lib Dem campaign is now underway to sink the Abbey Sands Balloon proposal put forward by Lindstrom Technologies.

This is an idea to moor a helium balloon to a base station in Abbey Meadows and to provide sightseeing lifts to paying customers.

Like many ideas it has it's fans and it's detractors but once again the Lib Dems seem to have hitched their wagon firmly to the 'NO' campaign.

While they had control of the planning committee earlier this year the council refused to grant permission even though generally the feedback was very positive. But since losing power last month the Lib Dems appear to be moving into full 'NIMBY' mode (Not In My Back Yard); which is rapidly becoming the Lib Dem default position on everything.

The public had already formed an impression that the Torbay Lib Dems are simply the 'No' party - a kind of constant but unrelenting negative force in Bay political life; and I can't help thinking that this latest campaign only adds to that impression.

The local community on the other hand want a brighter, more prosperous future and I am sure that they are looking for new ideas and positive messages from their political leaders.

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Richard Newell said...

Hmmm, seems to me that this Balloon idea is just an excuse for you political types to talk a lot of hot air! At the end of the day what about public services in the Bay?

Is the "balloon going up" the single most important issue in the bay area.? I don't think so.

I want to hear about your views on the Torre Abbey project. An awful lot of lottery money and a Four Seasons conference centre - positive for the Bay or not?