Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Migrant Workers - the really big question.

It's no suprise for anyone in Torbay that the actual figures on immigrant labour turn out to be one-and-a-half times as many as the Government had been claiming.

In fact even now the revelation that there are over 1.1 million foreign nationals working here (instead of the 800,000 we were told) will come as no suprise to anyone who employs casual or unskilled labour in the Bay.

Personally I don't see any problem with our long tradition of welcoming overseas residents here if we have the opportunities and they want to work hard and earn well, although I do accept there are cultural issues if too many want to permanently relocate to our country.

But the awkward question that no-one seems to want to ask is this. Why is it that we apparently have plenty of jobs - enough to encourage hoardes of eastern Europeans here - yet we have 1.1 million 'neets' - perfectly healthy young people who are not in education, employment or training?

We have a minimum wage - so immigrants aren't cheaper to employ.

We have employment working laws that apply equally, so immigrants can't be forced to work for longer, or to work any harder.

So why do the immigrants find work where our own young people apparently cannot?

The complaint from employers is 'no British people are applying' especially for service jobs, caring work and unskilled labour.

So you have a morally indefensible situation. We take millions in tax from immigrants coming from poor countries (for whom the loss is a far greater) - so that we can pay a million or so of our own people for hanging around the streets.

Now this may sound a bit shocking - even a bit "harsh" for some of the more easily offended of you- but perhaps one answer to our immigration problem might be to -ahem- 'encourage' a few more British workers to actually work for a living, perhaps by refusing to pay benefits to people when there are vacant jobs available in the neighbourhood that they refuse to take.

Or is that just too simple?


Anonymous said...

Even though I'm vaguely 'pink', I agree with every word, Marcus. While there ARE those who need the state's help, there are so many more who are simply lazy, feckless and somhow look down on service industry jobs. They need to wake up to the fact that there are no manufacturing jobs any more in the UK, so these are the only jobs available. And despite what the media says, not everyone can or will become a pop star, footballer or win the lottery. I agree. Stop benefits for those who WILL NOT work.

Anonymous said...

British jobs for British workers? you must be joking, too many British 'workers' can't be a*sed to do any work, at least not in South Devon; not when they can get nearly as much for doing diddly squat.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Marcus and you are to be cheered for saying what no-one else is prepared to.

Trouble is in todays Politically Correct Tory Party might you be sacked for saying it....?

Stephen B said...

Plotical correctness be damned. Let's face it whether you're Lib-Dem,Left or Right in your political views a waster is a waster! I'm sick of making excuses for the louts who seem to find plenty of "quality time" with their mates but make precious little effort to be an active contributor to society.

No benefits paid for by me, for them I say.

Anonymous said...

I read this in the Herald Express yesterday and its the first (from you) with which I completely agree - mainly because you are so right about the tax that immigrants from places like poland have to pay - to them it is a fortune - every £ is worth three times as much back home in Poland and their families are relying on what they send home.

The thought that we are using this tax to keep some of the wasters we have on our estate in beer and in some cases drugs fills me with guilt and disgust.

I am not a supporter and I probably still won't vote for you, but you are right to ask the questions that nobody else has about this.

Anonymous said...

I know, if we stopped benefits, it would make British workers take unpalatable jobs being done by migrant labour -like Conservative agent for example. Wasn't Angus deported at one time?

Anonymous said...

Bring back passports for Scots I say!!

Wesphalia Excess Staff Reporter said...

Bit of a migrant worker yourself Marcus - how is the carpet-bagging going ?!