Monday, October 22, 2007

Now Colin Charlewood resigns the whip.

According to the Herald Express long serving Lib Dem councillor Colin Charlwood has turned in his party card and joined the ranks of the independent fraternity on Torbay Council 'unexpectedly'.

Coming after the comments on the last thread from a couple of Lib Dems this is very embarrassing for them; and really rather backs up my point about falling morale.

But that is it. I have promised myself I won't make any more comments on the Liberal Democrats difficulties because one can overdo these things.


Anonymous said...

For clarification, I understand that Mr C intends to retain his party membership. See yesterday's Herald, in which he states he will continue as an independent Libdem. He's just fed up with the way Torbay Libdem councillors are carrying on - as are most of us.

tactical voter said...

More a case of Cllr Charlwood's ego being bruised by not being seen as leadership material by his Lib colleagues ! Hardly worthy of comment. Lets face it the mayoralty election was full of ex- Tories but I can't remember you passing much comment on that !

Marcus Wood said...

Tactical voter - "Hardly worthy of comment"

I agree; except that on the previous thread we were discussing whether or not the Lib Dems spats were a sign of poor morale.

On it's own this is no big deal, added to all the other stuff it's evidence of a wider Lib dem malaise.

Barrie Wood said...

In recent years a greater number have left Tory council groups than the Lib Dems, as evidenced by the mayoralty content two years ago, but I don't remember you referring to any Tory 'malaise'. Indeed two, then Cllrs Brennan and Hanley even came over to the Lib Dem fold !

As for trying to imply that the local Lib Dems are divided this is just plain silly and wrong when the Torbay LD party UNANIMOUSLY re-adopted Adrian Sanders MP as our PPC for the bay.

Maybe you should comment more on Tory perspectives and move away from your tedious position as chief critic of the Lib Dems. Even Tories surely want more from a would-be parliamentarian ?