Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another bad day for Brown.

The revelations about more rule bending over another New Labour donation is yet more proof that this Government is nearing it's end.

Here we have the ruling party once again caught red handed breaking it's own laws. Labour introduced the requirement to name donors publicly to spike the guns of the Tory party whom they believed would be able to raise less money as a result; in fact it is Labour who have been hamstrung because who wants to be seen giving money to such a shockingly bad administration?

So instead they have by their own admission concocted a plan that has turned out to be probably illegal and certainly morally indefensible. Just like the loans affair there has been a concerted and carefully designed strategy to circumvent the law.

On it's own this would be a shocking revelation but on the back of a string of previous financial and donor scandals ranging from Bernie Ecclestone through the Hinduja brothers this is enough to hole the Government below the waterline.

I don't think there is anything Gordon Brown will be able to say or do now to recover his premiership, the good ship 'New Labour' is taking on water at a faster rate than the pumps can bale it out and slowly, but certainly she is going down.

Sorry about overdoing the tortured sailing metaphors but I just couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

But will the good cap'n Brown stay with his vessel?

Anonymous said...

Will dear Harriet and the rest of the band play on though?