Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As if Gordon Brown didn't have enough on his plate....

This Government is rapidly attracting a reputation for ineptness, todays announcement that the Chairman of HM Revenue & Customs has resigned after admitting losing the bank account details of 15 million taxpayers 'in the post' is yet another scandal they can ill afford.

There is the mushrooming scandal of Northern Rock, the revelations about incorrect counting of immigrants, the tax credits fiasco and the discovery that 5,000 illegal immigrants were cleared to work in security; the confusion over the 28 day detention plans and the growing fiasco of our troops having to borrow bullets from American soldiers because the MOD has run out of cash.

The first responsibility of any ruling party is to defend it's citizens against threats; the second is to provide stable and sustainable economic management and the third is to provide competent administration of the machinery of Government.

Labour is plainly failing on all three counts.

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