Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Turbulence ahead for Cameron?

The media narrative has been pretty much all one way since the Conference season ended in October.

That one way as been against Labour and especially against Gordon Brown personally.

Hardly surprising as their has been plenty of ammunition about for the press to use.

However I detect a change is coming. I think the media are bored of this, and are looking to spice up the political pages with a new 'angle'.

A couple of recent stories in the media have the potential to be bad for Conservatives; especially the events concerning Mr Conway, a Conservative MP who has failed to satisfy the standards committee that the money he paid to his youngest son for research work was legitimate who now faces an investigation into the work done for him by his eldest child as well.

Now I am on record as being opposed to the employment by MP's of members of their family by the taxpayer and Mr Conway is therefore not getting much in the way of sympathy from me.

I think that anyone employing their friends and family on the taxpayer is leaving themselves wide open to attack, that is why it is so very rarely permitted in the rest of the civil service and in most publicly listed business’.

If I get elected I wouldn’t employ any of my family in any capacity on public funds, I think it shouldn’t be allowed.

Another Conservative MP has apparently been arrested and questioned over what looks like a serious domestic incident.

I have a view that the press may be looking to use any 'bad news' Conservative stories to shift the narrative back to 'how does Dave cope under pressure?' and that we may have a few weeks of fairly tiresome (for us, but probably a welcome respite for Labour) press coverage ahead.

I suppose it sells papers.

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