Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome back Kevin...

In a plot line that the scriptwriters of Dallas would be proud of Kevin Carroll is back at the helm of the Conservative Group at the Town Hall barely seven months after being voted out of the job by the narrowest of margins.

Having discovered that they have the power to sack him at will I am glad that the councillors have also discovered that he also their best choice for the job, someone who clearly has the leadership qualities that they need.

Much of the goings-on at Castle Circus look daft to the outside world and this twist probably adds to that appearance; but as I have posted on here before much of this is connected with the local political system adjusting to an entirely new form of local Government.

The leader of the local Conservatives in Torbay is not the leader of the group, it is the mayor Nick Bye who is directly elected. The councillors on all sides have grappled with the implications of this power shift for two years or more - and many still don't fully get it, particularly on the Lib dems side.

The role of councillor is changed in the mayoral system - and their chosen leader has to be the link between councillors and executive, a role that is closer to chief whip in the Parliamentary system than leader of the council under the old system.

Kevin is well suited to the job, and he knows I wish him well.


anyonebutthetorbaytories said...

So 'Tito' is back. This can only ensure that the Tory group remains faction-riven. And, how Marcus is this in the best interests of Torbay.

Interesting to see Cllr Mills, a fellow freemason like 'Tito', giving the newer, improved, 'cuddly Kevin' a clearer run by dropping out at the last minute. A more credible and liked challenger to 'Tito' and the cuddly one would have been dust again.

All good news for the Lib Dems, if not in the short term for the bay. What a bunch !

Trust you Marcus to back Bye and Carroll, what fine judgement, not !

Marcus Wood said...

Kevin Carroll is not a Freemason.

Barrie Wood said...

Marcus see www.torbay.gov.uk/behaviourandinterests#docs

click on Kevin Carroll and as of March 2008 he lists himself as being a freemason. And, once a mason always a mason !

So there we have it, estate agent as executive mayor and a builder / mason as his deputy. Make of that what you will.

Such a divisive figure and one so close to the Mayor leading the Tories clearly debunks the myth of independence / separation between Bye and the Tory Group.

I know I shan't fail to continually remind people of your support for these 'popular' civic figures. ABTT clearly has a point.

Marcus Wood said...

Well I stand corrected, Barrie.

I understood Kevin had quit (and I am sure he has) but it's still on his declaration so fair enough.

Certainly I don't mind you reminding people I support the Mayor and the council - because I do.

I think some of you on the left are in for a terrible shock over the Mayor. Your attitude and that of many other Lib Dems reminds me of how people have felt at various times about Mrs Thatcher, Ken Livingston and Tony Blair; and Labour are making right now about David Cameron.

In all cases their opponents personal distain clouds their judgement. they just can't see why people vote for them and therefore repeatedly get their tactics 180' wrong. I think Adrians personal feelings against Nick are doing the same for him here.

I am canvassing several times a week with a big team and we are just not picking up the opprobrium you seem to imagine the mayor attracts.

In fact we find the reverse, he is a massive political asset because people see him as everything the Labour Government isn't - unspun, open and honest, prudent (lowest tax rise ever), hard-working, prepared to make tough decisions yet concerned for all not just the few.

And memories round here last a long time. Everyone remembers your lot.

Barrie Wood said...

Leave aside Lib Dems and others who might be reasonably expected not to support Bye and Carroll, but what about the divided Tory group and those fellow Tories whom Carroll himself charmingly described as 'rats' ? Are we supposed to believe that that peace, harmony and forgiveness has broken out within your council group ranks ? As if.

Others within your fold are respected across the council chamber, Carroll isn't. He IS a divisive figure. Like others I shall watch events unfold at the Town Hall with much interest !!

Barrie Wood said...

Bye :

unspun - the repeated attempts at listing his achievements [a number of which are either little or nothing to do with him, or others that most just don't see as achievements]

hard working : Well I wish my holidays from work were as generous as his. Care to detail these ? They'd make interesting reading for council tax payers in the bay and if he is the 'open mayor' you describe I'm sure he'd he happy to oblige us with the details.

You say 'takes tough decisions' ! I say listens to nobody outside of Chief Executive Raikes, outside consultants and a small number within the Tory ranks.

As for his 'visions' he has more of those than pilgrims to Medjugorje or Knock - and about as genuine as those too.

More later, but Bye is none of the things you say he is. I must stop laughing now at your fertile imagination Marcus !!