Friday, October 21, 2005

A good nights work

So, Nick Bye has deservedly become Torbay's first ever directly elected Mayor.

Despite a fierce campaign by the Lib dems and several ex-Conservative members Nick has promoted the best vision for Torbay and now has effective control over Torbay Council's policies for the next five and a half years.

To those who say 'it's an impossible task' I say, Nick has long enough to do a decent job and I firmly believe he has the political wisdom and the team around him to turn the Authority round.

A low turnout of 24% is disappointing but reflects what many of us who were campaigning new only too well; that fourteen candidates was too many and turned what should have been an important local decision into a bit of a circus.

And to those who say they wanted a non-aligned mayor I say, wait and see -Nick is an independent minded guy who has his own mind and his own priorities.


Anonymous said...

Well done that man, and good luck to him! I'm sure he'll do a great job!

Anonymous said...

I didnt vote for him, however now hes the elected mayor we must all work with his and help get Torbay back.

IF however he adopts tory politics and is not his own man then he will fail.

All the best to him and good luck.

Barrie Wood said...

Considering the number of Tories standing as 'Independents', the odious comments of Peter Middleton [the sour loser of the Tory Mayoralty nomination]on social housing tenants,the number of people elected as Tories to the council and now parading as Torbay Conservatives, Torbay Group or as independent, it ill behoves you to talk of Lib Dem tiffs.

The Torbay Conservative Group is woeful and Kevin Carroll has contributed nothing as leader of the 'official' opposition on the council.

In fairness, Tories [for once] did chose a very personable candidate with appeal beyond the Tory hard core vote in Nick Bye. He was arguably one of the berst-ever ceremonial mayors and as a non-Tory I still wish him well.

You get the Lib Dems out and get an ex-Young Liberal in !!! Crazy politics in Torbay reigns supreme.

Marcus Wood said...


As I said in Saturday's Herald the Conservative Party is changing and some of our members don't like it. If they want to go on their own then, fine - let them.

Several of our members have resigned to stand as independents and I salute their right to do that, although I regret their leaving.

It's different though when important people haven't left the Party and are instead complaining from within. Adrian Sanders and Mssrs Harris and Lomas are officers of the same political party.

Here are people who complained about 'mud slinging' during the election and here they are, at it hammer and tongs, in public.

Adrian Sanders has been badly damaged by the double whammy of his reluctance to speak out two years ago and the recent rather childish and cowardly outburst that has come about only when Harris is safely leaving anyway.

I mean come on, to finish your spat with the words 'he's leaving; I'm still here' sounds like a four year old in a playground -not a Member of Her Majesty's Parliamant.

Barrie Wood said...

Your last comment Marcus is fair enough. But, I notice you carefully avoid my assertion that Carroll and colleagues have been an ineffectual opposition on the council. I can't remember the ory leader saying / doing anything vaguely memorable during his tenure as leader.

Further to Lib Dem / Tory prospects: You should note that despite fielding an unusually likeable candidate with 'centre ground' appeal and despite the local difficulties that Lib Dem council leadership have gotten into, your mayoralty victory was far from convincing. There is time yet for the Lib Dems to renew themselves and hold on in the 2009/10 Westminster elections.

Like it or not Adrian Sanders is well liked across the bay. I don't say that as any slight on you Marcus, jusrt saying it how it is.

Like it

Marcus Wood said...

Kevin Carroll is leader of an opposition of only eight on the council, I don't know what you expect him to 'do' but he has certainly been responsible for stopping the Hyde Road scheme in its tracks. Being an opposition group on a council is very challenging, what can you do? What did the Lib Dems 'achieve' when they were on opposition, other than enough publicity to give their 2003 campaign a good momentum? That is not a criticism, by the way, opposition politics is all about gaining momentum and holding the executive to account. Boring but important!

You said "There is time yet for the Lib Dems to renew themselves and hold on in the 2009/10 Westminster elections" - I agree, nobody on our side is under any illusions that this Bay is orange and lots and lots of hard work and commitment is going to be required to turn it Blue again.

But, and it's a big but, the political firmament nationally is changing. I think that will be the biggest determinant as to the outcome here in Torbay. If people are still happy with a Labour Government and unhappy with the Conservatives in 2009/10, Adrian is probably safe. On the other hand...

Barrie Wood said...

Nationally you need to move to the centre ground... the one nation civic conservatism... one that believes there is such a thing as society and vibrant, but often struggling, communities.

BTW your comments give an interesting insight to local Tory thinking. An excellent 'blog' - well done !

Barrie Wood said...

EU obsessions will leave you beaten again, as will social authoritarianism - remember 'family values' and 'back to basics' ?!

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to next elections when we can finally lose the ineffectual Adrian Saunders. All he does is write letters - never acts on them and never supports Torbay. Come on Marcus!Nick Bye is doing a fantastic job despite the vocal minority of locals with closed minds. If you support the Conservative administration please say so loud and clear at every opportunity to everyone!The only way torbay will flourish is with Marcus Wood, Nick Bye and the Conservatives at the helm.