Monday, October 24, 2005

The Lib Dem in-fighting continues...

The Lib Dems are always complaining about 'behind closed doors' politics so it's good to see them bring their inernal bickering out into the open for us all to see.

The latest classic is the major bust-up between Adrian Sanders the MP and his (soon to be ex) council leader Chirs Harris splashed all over four pages of the Herald Express this weekend.

Mr Sanders apparently thinks that Mr Harris (and he alone) is to blame for his own poor General Election result and the failure of his friend Nick Pannell in the the mayoral election last week. He says that the only reason the Lib Dems are in such a bad way is because Mr Harris 'bamboozled' his local party colleagues into accepting their big pay rise (nothing about the rate capping, the 11% tax rise, the school closures, the toilet closures, etc, etc.).

In reply the leader of the council accuses the MP of 'achieving nothing' for Torbay in his eight years in Westminster.

This comes on top of the deputy leader last week calling Mr Sanders a has-been.

Well who am I to argue?


Anonymous said...

Chris Harris didn't deserve to be treated in this appalling way by his own MP.

Mr Harris is only the leader, is Mr Sanders saying that they are all guilty? Or is he just blaming Harris?

There are many Lib Dems who think Chris Harris has at least tried to get the council to work better and deserved more support from his MP than he got.

Anonymous said...

Harris was and is a disgrace, our MP should have stood up against him but he failed.

Shame on them both.

Marcus all you have to do to become the next MP is support a policy of withdrawing from the EU and mean it. Also have a leader that says the same , then im sure at the next GE it will be Marcus Wood MP!

You know its true. :)

Barrie Wood said...

Anon...keep up the deluded right-wing attitude to the EU. If it was as easy as that how come UKIP didn't benefit last time out ?

Anonymous said...

The Lib dems are behaving like the bunchj of unruly kids that they are, I'm ashamed to admit that i used to vote for them but I won't do so ever again at local or national elections.

Anonymous said...

Barrie you really are talking crap, UKIP stopped 21 Torys becomming MP, and Marcus knows that too.

If UKIP didnt stand Marcus would have been the local MP.

Try and use a brain cell - every now and than.

The EU controlles most of our laws , sadly the tories are going to be just as spit becuase the main issue isnt being talked about.

Until you muppets get that into your heads you will aways be opposition.

Barrie Wood said...

If there really was a chance of the Tories winning the Westminster seat you'd see the Labour vote more tightly squeezed again !

Nice to see abuse swapped for argument and your inability to put a name to your comments.

Anonymous said...

Silly man....
You carry on taking crap and get used to opposition!