Monday, September 18, 2006

Will a 'make over' save Ming?

As my picture of Lib Dem Leader Menzies Campbell and his deputy Vincent Cable at the Lib dem conference shows, the party leadership has an image problem.

Given that the young bloods like David Laws, Nick Clegg etc don't want to mount a coup this side of a general election (because they don't want to take the flak for the Lib dems certain disappointment come the next GE) is it any surprise that the spin masters have been suggesting ways for Ming to get with the yoof and trendy up his image a bit.

I am awarding a mystery prize for the best tip on here for Menzies Campbell. Should he engage the services of Trinny and Suzanna for that complete makeover? Or would he be better to organise a guest presenter spot on 'Have I Got Old News for You?'.

Suggestions can be left anonymously, but then you won't be able to claim the prize.

And please remember people, a leader is for the life of a Parliament, not just till Christmas.


Mr Blobby said...

He needs a hoodie, 'Dave' Cameron can then give him a hug.

Anonymous said...

Me say long moustache, thin black eyebrows and flowing chinese silk gown would make Ming merciless and truly tewwifying.

John Noble said...

There is nothing Ming should do, other than continue his principled objection to the war in Iraq.

Young voters may not like him as much as his predecessor but he is trying his best to do a good job.

If the snipers on his own side like Hughes and others would just leave him alone to get on with it he and the party might to a lot better.

Barrie Wood said...

Hmmm... don't think I'll take advice on leaders from the party that elected IDS. Still you've had so much practice on choosing them in recent years !

Ming is principled. He retains his 'gut instinct' Liberalism and is in keeping with the centre and centre-left orientation of his party. Cameron ? Principled isn't a word anyone is going to associate with him !

Anonymous said...

Campbell should try and remember which By Elections he did actually win instead of claiming the Lib Dems won Bromley when they didn't.

"Winning Here"? "Lying Here" more like.

James May said...

Jezza Clarkson could give him some style tips; jeans, blazer, beer gut, fag and very fast gas guzzling Jag (Oh, I forgot, he's already got one of those...)

Anonymous said...

And please remember people, a leader is for the life of a Parliament, not just till Christmas."


Anonymous said...

Simon Hughes is being profoundly unhelpful towards Sir Menzies, which, whislt good from a Conservative point of view, can't be good for the Liberal Democrats. Rowing with each other doesn't help - trust us, we know!

Brighton boy scout said...

It's not about saving Menzies Campbell from the Party it's about saving the Party from a drubbing next election.

Campbell is a vote loser and any of either Laws, Clegg or Susan Kramer would be the best bet, even Highes would have been better.

The Party should have the guts to do what the Tories did with IDS, recognise failure when they see it and move now before it's too late.

In my view and on his performance at Conference so far it's not just Tony Blair who will be gone by next time.

Mark McKinsey said...

Leave Mr Campbell just where is.

Since they chose him and we chose DC, we're five points up and they're five points down.

On the evidence the best thing for the Conservatives is him staying put, at least until Labour put Gordon in No 10.

So my advice is, do nothing Mr Cambell - you're fine as you are.

Anonymous said...

Surrounded by a bevvy of Brighton beauties he should 'come out' as a heterosexual.

Anonymous said...

He should stop telling the rest of us to fly less while jetting up to Edinburgh and back every weekend !!

tory tree hugger said...

According to ICM poll out today about the only thing that will save Ming and the Lib Dems from meltdown next election is Cameron being run over by a bus.

The rising panic from some of the Lib Demmers posting on your site is proof that this is correct!