Friday, May 18, 2007

Comrade Brown is elevated to lead the party and the country unopposed!

Yes citizens on this historic day our glorious leader is elevated to lead the Party and our great country and without the need for an inconvenient and possibly unreliable election by the people.

Who needs democracy when one has such a popular and commanding leader prepared to take control?

Citizens should be grateful and any who are not will soon be hearing from the Authorities....

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Stonch said...

Childish and pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Proof if you needed it that the left has no sense of humour, especially if they are the butt of the joke!

Anonymous said...

We don't need a general election - that isn't how the system works.
We didn't, for instance, have elections following the Queen's appointments of John Major, Jim Callaghan, Anthony Eden, Harold McMillan, David Lloyd-George or Winston Churchill for instance (though the last one was subject to special circumstances).
It might be annoying for some people, but there isn't anything 'wrong' with it.
We elect the MPs, they nominated the Prime Minister, and the Head of State makes her mind up (though not since the 1920's has the sovereign actually had anything in the way of a personal input).
I don't want him as Prime Minister, but then I didn't want Blair either - it is just how the system works.
Good poster though.

Marcus Wood said...

My point was not that he hasn't been elected by the public at large (although that would be nice...) but he hasn't even been voted on by his own party membership- or MP's.

Even Callaghan won a contested vote of party members in 1976.

You have to go back more than 45 years to find the last time an MP ascended to Prime Minister without a formal vote by anyone, and that was the very contentious appointment of Sir Alec Douglas Home over Hailwood after which the Tories introduced a formal voting procedure to ensure the Queen was never put in such a difficult situation again.

Who would have thought then that the next time such an event happened it would be nearly 50 years in the future... and to a Labour Prime Minister?