Thursday, May 17, 2007

Are we admitting defeat in Iraq?

The disgraceful news that the Army high command have decided that Iraq is too dangerous for Prince Harry is surely the best indication yet that we are losing the wholly ill named 'war on terror' .

It comes as a bit of a shock to discover that the once proud and mighty British army have been reduced to such a low state. The fact that they cannot be sure of protecting one soldier in the region is all the proof we need that this 'war' is going nowhere fast.

Because to put it bluntly, the purpose of terrorism is to alter behaviour through the use of fear rather than the use of force. Persian warriors have honed the use of terror to compensate for their lack of actual firepower for centuries.

The very fact that the fear of what might happen to Prince Harry has meant that he is being pulled off the deployment means that the terrorists have -in this case- won.

This is a major setback and in my view will be a huge boost to the insurgents; make Al-Qaeda stronger and more powerful in the region; and damage the morale of our servicng soldiers even more.

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david said...

It wouldn’t be hard for terrorists to target members of the Battle group the Prince was serving with, which would generate “word headlines ‘Another soldier in Prince Harry’s regiment killed” and additional casualties would undermine the moral of the Battle Group. Remember the IRA was highly effective at murdering individual Catholic RUC and UDR – making it even hard for Catholics to join. It’s not for his sake he’s not going it’s for his comrades in arms.