Friday, May 11, 2007

Is He Already Past his sell-by date?

Now that the painfully elongated departure of Tony Blair has finally begun our minds are turning to his successor Gordon Brown.

Labour are absolutely desperate to prove that they can be 're-born' under new leadership and they are now pinning their entire hopes on this man.

How on earth are they going to achieve this when the man they seem destined to choose to replace Tony Blair has been his partner for the entire New Labour project?

Perhaps they hope that an entirely new 'Brownite' cabinet and some urgent new proposals might convince people that there is some kind of policy renewal going on but somehow I don't think that will work.

Unfortunately for all of us, Tony Blairs true legacy is a reduction in trust in politicians. People nowadays believe what their leaders say less than at any time in history. Unfortunately GB's track record in the 'up front and honest' stakes is even lower than Mr Blair as evidenced by the shockingly sly announcements about abolishing the 10p rate in the last Budget.

So after June 27th I think it will be Gordon Brown. More of the same, without the charm.


Barrie Wood said...

Really Marcus - there's me, unfortunately for you, not forgetting the likes of Archer and Aitken and the perceptions of Tory sleaze last time you were in power.

A least try to be fair. I am no fan of Blair but would recognise the following as achievements :

Minimum wage
NI - peace and devolution
Scottish and Welsh devolution
Civil partnership legislation
No boom and bust - a relatively stable economy (albeit one coming under pressure now - Gordon leaving the Treasury at a convenient moment).
Sure Start
Tax Credits for those less well off (albeit fiendishly and unnecessarily complex)
Increased resources for Education + NHS (although not always delivering 'value for money').
Trade Union recognition rights

Don't get me wrong there's a whole slew of negatives too, but to always rubbish the 'other side' can leave one looking churlish and silly.

Marcus Wood said...

But would you disagree with me that his MAIN achievement has been a loss of trust for politicians?

Sure, previous MP's have been corrupt, crooked even- that's not new.

But the systematic and calculated deception by this Prime Minister is unprecedented.

Tony Benn said on the radio yesterday a fantastic quote "You always used to be able to believe what the Government told you, but no-one does anymore and with good reason".

And it isn't just the Iraq dossier, even as Blair was waving is last farewell the press office at No 10 was sneaking out bad news on mixed wards and a cost overrun on the ID cards scheme in the full knowledge that their bad news might be 'buried'.

Call it what you like, but I call it government by deception and it's a wholly New Labour invention.