Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not his finest hour

Richard Younger-Ross has a not entirely enviable record round Westminster for being an object of fun and derision.

He made himself a laughing stock yet again yesterday.

This was Tony Blairs departing question time, an emotional yet light-hearted fond farewell to a man who has been brilliant at PM questions for a decade. This was Mr Blairs very last official engagement as Prime Minister before handing back the Seals of Office to Her Majesty.

All of the MP's called -from every side of the house - had taken the opportunity either for some light-hearted banter or for a fullsome tribute, and why not?

But Mr Younger-Ross instead chose to ask a convoluted question about the role of state and Church.

As ever, Mr Blairs put-down was simple but effective.

"Errr, I don't think I'm going to bother with that one..."

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Anonymous said...

Though he is a former mobile dj, specialising in weddings and bar/batmitzvah's. -

Certainly makes a change from the boring lawyers who get into the chamber.