Monday, July 02, 2007

The real 'war on terror' was 20 years ago.

I have got so fed up with the hysterical reporting of the so-called 'bomb attacks' this weekend'.

Have our leaders forgotten what a bomb attack is?

Do New Labour not know the difference between a handful of desperate hate-filled religious obsessives and a full-blown terrorist campaign?

The one was a ruthlessly conducted military style campaign conducted by a well organised network of paramilitary cells led by calculating ruthless killers well armed with high explosives, Armalite rifles and supported by millions of dollars worth of support from around the globe.

No-one was safe - as recently as 1997 bombs were regularily destroying large parts of our major cities.

Prime ministers and cabinet ministers were frequently attacked, with all three Tory Prime Ministers - Ted Heath (his study bombed in 1974) Margaret Thatcher (Brighton Bomb 1984) and John Major (Downing St Mortar attack in 1991) suffering very near misses.

The other - the current 'threat' consists of a handful of terrified fanatics armed with little more than petrol and caravan gas canisters, without even the basic common sense to avoid parking their 'bomb' in a tow-way zone.

I know the July 7th bombings were awful and further attempted attacks seem certain but we must keep the reality in perspective, these 'terrorists' are nothing of the kind, they are fanatics attempting to create tragedies but they have much more in common with the Waco seige, The Ohm sect (poisoning the Tokyo underground), Odaeyang, the Order of the Solar Temple sect and countless other suicidal religious sects that have come to light over the years.

They are not even terribly good, of eleven attacks that we know about since 2005, only one has succeeded and this latest effort must be marked down as 'almost a farce' it was so amateur.

This country has faced down a proper co-ordinated terrorist campaign; and we did so without widespread removal of our basic civil liberties.

Surely this Labour Government hasn't created a sense of 'threat' and panic simply to increase their powers over us?


Barrie Wood said...

Latest incidents will provide fig-leaf for Brown under the guise of 'anti terror' measures to erode civil liberties yet more. Detention without trial proposals to be advanced again ?

Happy to agree with you Marcus !

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure about this item when I read it first yesterday but having slept on the matter I must say I agree wholeheartedly with you.

The whole 'terrorist' thing is a farce isn't it?

Even the 9/11 people were only armed with pen-knives, if the Americans had anything like the airline security we Europeans take for granted it would never have happened.

You are right as well that the various attacks since have been desperate rather than effective.

There is one point you havent made as well, that the IRA had a political demand that they used terrorism to promote.

These so-called terrorists aren't using terror tactics to *do* anything, or make any kind of point, are they?

It's just meaningless destruction and suicide to prove their belief

Barrie Wood said...

To be fair a considered response from Jacqui Smith - I doubt John Reid would have responded in the same manner.

Anonymous said...

I thought Ms Smith was cringe-making actually.

Certainly didn't give me any confidence.

Anonymous said...

Jacqui Smith's response was very welcome, as was Gordon Brown's.
Their fairly calm and measured attitudes were in marked contrast to those that Reid and Blair would have given.
On the substantive issue, I agree both with Mr. Wood and Mr. Wood!

Stonch said...

If you are elected to Parliament, will you reject consensus politics in respect of terrorism, and make party political points following terrorist attacks?