Friday, July 27, 2007

"Dear Sir

I am writing after your report concerning my letter to Adrian Sanders on his opposition to the plans for a new Casino.

He didn't reply to my letter and in his statement to you ignored the central point I was making: if he doesn't like the casino plan, what is his alternative?

Unfortunately he can't seem to grasp the central point at issue which is the only way to grow our economy is by bringing new investment into the bay. A new Casino and entertainment complex will bring extra visitors - new customers for restaurants, taxi drivers, shops and hotels to profit from and they in turn will spend more on their support services from websites to decorators.

He lists a string of not entirely logical objections to having a second Casino (I don't understand why two Casino's would be a 'disaster' but having one is perfectly OK, for instance); but I am afraid that all his complaints do is highlight his own lack of ideas.

The MP said "I want all-year round, decent-paid and skilled jobs that will lift the economy out of the doldrums" - Great, so do I. But the fact is that in the 17 years since taking control of our council in 1990 the local Liberal Democrats had ample opportunity to come up with all-year-round, well paid, skilled jobs and they failed to come up with a single one, in fact we lost thousands.

Meanwhile Mr Sanders has had every chance at Westminster to influence the Government to offer the "better transport links, investment and improved infrastructure" that he says are the answer, but he has sadly failed to bring us any of these in his decade there either.

He has never promoted a vision for the bay of his own, never explained what he is actually trying to do as our MP, other than complain about everyone else.
He apparently prefers to be simply the chief soothsayer of doom and gloom; I say that local residents and particularily local jobseekers deserve better.
Yours sincerely,

Marcus Wood."


martin pell said...

Interesting letter Marcus. I'm interested in views though on the local news last night. What about Nick Bye's proposal for the "non" English Riviera? Do you support it? Do you think it's even worth a discussion; does it really provoke debate? Surely the issue is what is what will attract tourists and people to spend their hard earned cash rather than what we designate our beautiful bay?

As a conservative, I like and am happy with our current name!

finn said...

I see your fellow Tory PPC in the Teignbridge/Newton Abbot seat is backing the Kingskerswell Alliance and opposing the bypass!

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