Friday, July 20, 2007

This is the text of a letter I have sent to MP Adrian Sanders yesterday following his umpteenth outburst against Nick Bye's regeneration proposals:

Dear Adrian

I am writing to you to make a public plea to you over Torbays Casino proposals following a series of outspoken criticisms you have made this year.

Now that you have made your personal objections clear can I ask you to now fall into line behind other bay leaders and lend your full support to Torbay Councils regeneration proposals for the good of everyone else?

It is vital that we show a united front to win the backing of Government and the confidence of business leaders - they need to see that all of those in authority in Torbay support the mayor in his efforts to bring new prosperity and a future of hope to Torbay.

I fully recognise that you have a problem with some of the proposals being put forward but I would be very surprised if Solomon himself could devise a plan that would please everyone in Torbay, the important thing is to see the bigger picture and move forward.

As our Member of Parliament I believe you have a duty to help promote the Bay and making public comments like "Torbay will be more Monty Python than Monte Carlo." was unhelpful. Previous outbursts have also been un-necessarily negative and have been damaging to Torbay's tourism businesses.

You have had ample democratic opportunity to oppose the Casino legislation in Parliament. You have lost that argument both at national level and locally, where the public overwhelmingly supported the Conservatives last May, and you must now accept the will of the people and now get on with backing the local regeneration plans which will include a new Casino.

You seem in a great hurry to broadcast to the world what you don’t want. That might be acceptable if you had an alternative. Sadly, after ten years in Parliament you have failed to come up with or achieve anything tangible for the people of the Bay.

Many people are coming to the conclusion that your obstinate opposition to these plans may be more to do with the fact that they are a Conservative success story than any other reason. I hope they are wrong, because if they are right it would be the worst kind of party political sour grapes imaginable.

I haven't had a reply yet.


Barrie Wood said...

So Mr. Sanders should abandon principles and integrity by adopting the position you do. If he did you'd crow about a U-turn and call him unprincipled.

He isn't going to and nor am I !

I accept that the casino has it's supporters, but I'd wager there are far more opposed to a second casino . Either way, trying to push ahead with such a divisive proposal is not the way to engage the public with regeneration plans for the bay.

Any comments on your third position in what your party alleged was a two horse race between Labour and the Tories in Ealing Southall ?

Cameron's wheels coming off or a temporary blip ?

Finally, don't tell anyone, but I actually agreed with mayor Bye the other day with regard to his comments about seafront hotels. I even saw a snippet in the HE referring to me as the Conservative Barry Wood !!!

It came as a shock to me and no doubt readers of your blog too !!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pedant but your continued refusal to use apostrophes is really annoying... Byes instead of Bye's and reference to Torbays casino (sic) et al.

Marcus Wood said...

This is the reply I have just received:
"Dear Mr Wood

Thank you for your letter that you also sent to the press.

I have been asked by the Herald Express to respond to its contents and I have done so.


Adrian "

Marcus Wood said...

Anonymous I take your point and have made corrections.

I only got a C at English O level; you can see why.