Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Labour recipe for disaster:

What you will need:

Several student politicians who have gone straight from university to Westminster with nothing in between.
A very large quantity of spin
A sprinkling of spite
One or two ready divided opposition parties
A thriving economy left over by a previous Government

The method:

1) Make your economy hopelessly uncompetitive through high taxes and ant-business legislation
2) Mask this by inflating property prices and encouraging a consumer boom financed by credit
3) Disassemble your banking regulator so that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, thus allowing your banks to recklessly expand
4) When it all goes bust borrow trillions against future tax revenues, nationalise the banks and print lots of money
5) Fall out with your colleagues, split the party from top to bottom and render the government completely paralysed by internal feuding and positioning for power.
5) Fight a series of increasingly pointless and bitter battles with public sector trade unions causing widespread disruption and bringing what is left of the economy to a grinding halt
5) Quickly leave office so that someone else has to clear up the resulting hyper inflation, unemployment and public debt.
6) Spend twenty years in opposition
7) Repeat endlessly.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot one of the main ingredients "a grinning Bambi-like figure to fool everyone into thinking that the recipe is safe (this ingredient can be discarded later on)"