Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vital Matters of State.

Ever wonder why your MP needs a staff of five?

Here we are in the middle of the most important economic crisis for sixty years, with unemployment skyrocketing and many local residents facing financial ruin.

Our local economy is desperate for a share of the dwindling Government economic stimulus package. The EU seems hell-bent on ignoring our fishermens plight and forcing even more of them onto the dole, and what industry we do have left is being strangled by high taxes, low skills and red tape.

What many people want to know is what is our MP doing about it, and so I was somewhat surprised to find out that
Adrian Sanders thinks that the plight of rabbits (yes, those white furry things with big ears) is the most pressing issue on his constituents minds just now.

The MP for Torbay asked this of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs yesterday:

(1) what recent assessment he has made of the effectiveness of regulations governing the welfare of farmed rabbits; and if he will make a statement;
(2) what recent research his Department has conducted and evaluated on the rabbit farming industry;
(3) if he will bring forward proposals to increase the minimum requirements for space allowed to farmed rabbits

And his reply?

"The welfare of farmed rabbits is adequately provided for by way of the general provisions of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Welfare of Farmed Animals (England) Regulations 2007, which has a specific schedule relating to rabbit welfare. DEFRA also has a welfare code for rabbits which provides good husbandry advice, which producers have by law to be familiar with and have access to. DEFRA has not carried out any recent research on what is a relatively small rabbit farming industry. The Council of Europe's Convention on the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes is currently developing recommendations for the welfare of farmed rabbits, which will include provision for space allowances."

By the way, the cost of our MP, his staff, office, housing and allowances has been in the region of £4,000,000 since he got elected in 1997.


Anonymous said...

He thinks its important, shows he cares for fluffy things. Mind you shows he is off his head as well but there you go.

Anonymous said...

Well that's a bit selective, there's 400 odd other questions out there he asked.

Free UK said...

makes you wonder why we pay so much when we get so little in return

Anonymous said...

one of the things about being an MP is representing your constituents concerns; you may not personally care, but if your constituents do then you respond. but I suppose you wouldn't realise that!