Thursday, February 09, 2006

More trouble for Torbay Lib dems today as they try to defend keeping ex leader Cllr Harris on the payroll.

The local Lib Dems appear to be so desperate not to have a by election in Tormohun (Cllr Harris' ward) that they have decided to take yet more flak about him remaining in post while he in fact is living in London.

If they thought they would get away with this they were wrong.

Local campaigners have fought a high profile campaign to keep this issue in the public eye; running a campaign which culminated this week in presenting a petition to the councillors - at which point the majority of Lib Dem councillors apparently walked out.

The Liberal Democrats have treated local campaigner Susy Colley disgracefully; enraging her but also further alienating local residents, the local newspaper and many of their own supporters and donors.

This discredited bunch should learn to take note of a great piece of political advice.



Anonymous said...

This is yet another nail in the Lib dems coffin in Torbay.

Adrian Sanders is once again trying to stay out of this and is failing to do what he was elected for, representing his contituents.

Your point in the Herald express that he has been deeply involved in getting us to vote Lib dem and now wants to wash his hands of his colleagues was very well made.

I originally felt sorry for him but I have become very angry that he hasn't stepped in to sort out his own party.

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Barrie Wood said...


Not for the first time you are wrong !

Since when does 7 Lib Dems walking out on a contentious 'political' speech by Susie Colley translate into a majority? Pity in your rush to score points you get the facts wrong,again.

The photo of these 'local campaigners' published in the HE included Mark Dent UKIP activist and the Paignton-based millionaire UKIP MEP Graham Booth. It seems like those with political motives have taken over a 'local'campaign.

As for the walkout I am led to believe that Ms. Colley went beyond her brief and her speech degenerated into labelling some national Lib Dem figures 'perverts' ! Cynical old me predicts that Ms. Colley or some of her cohorts will end up as a candidate on an Independent / Tory ticket if a by-election comes about in Tormohun.

Finally, lets be clear I hold no brief whatsoever for Cllr Harris. It is for him to defend his position.

As someone whose permanent home is in Tormohun I can also say that the Torre Action Group don't speak for me either. As Lib Dem Cllr Gill Hayman states in today's Herald much has been done to improve the ward, but you don't want to hear this do you Marcus ?

Barrie Wood said...

From today's Daily Mirror :

2002 and the 'moderate' David Cameron votes agaimst paid leave for Fathers. 2006 proud Dad Cameron off on two weeks paternity leave.

Like I've said before judge Cameron on his actual voting record - nothing moderate or progressive to be found there !