Sunday, May 21, 2006


Word reaches my ears that the local newspaper the Herald Express has a 'very big' political story in tomorrows edition.

Nobody outside the paper knows for sure what the story is (secrecy abounds) but what is the betting for more revalations concerning the Lib Dem council group?

Having had to put up with the Lib Dems calling them 'corrupt', I wouldn't be at all surprised if local journalists haven't pulled out all the stops to try and find out if it's been a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

We will see.

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Anonymous said...

I've been a tory voter all my life, please tell David Cameron not to follow the path of Tony Blair with call me Dave and such like and be a wet. I and I suspect most of the population want to see some strong action against yobs and criminals in general, give up on the soft sentences, they don't work. If life inside was uncomfortable they wouldn't be in a hurry to get back in again. Ditch this blasted human rights rubbish, all it is is a gold mine for the likes of the wicked witch[Cherie Blair]and does nothing for the victims of all the crimes. When criminals in jail can get legal aid to fund a case because they can't have porno magazines there is something radically wrong. Cut the amount of money given to idle workshy people who have loads of kids and are better off not working. Again there is something radically wrong with a system where it's far more rewarding to stay at home and turn out kids. Try and do something about polution but don't make us feel like it's all our fault and certainly don't make us pay through the nose for it when other countries are allowed to use what we save, as I understand it. China, India and America are/will be the biggest poluters and won't give a toss about us.
Rant over for now.