Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's been silly season in Torbay.

To make a change from the normal web posts I thought I'd try something different. The fuss about 'dangerous' palm trees and wild traffic wardens made me wonder what people REALLY think about our local authority.

So I thought I would ask you.

Take my poll and view the results :

I think Torbay Council is:
Very poor, and getting worse
Very poor, but improving slowly
Poor, but not as bad as people say
Poor, but no worse than most other Councils
Not too bad.
Moderately good, trying hard to be better
Moderately good, could do better
What is all the fuss about? They are fine by me
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Anonymous said...

The survey is a good idea, Marcus. Why not do one on Cameron?

Barrie Wood said...

A recent 'survey' in Bromley and Chislehurst showed the Tories losing votes heavily to the Lib Dems in their previously 17th safest seat ! And, Cameron-mania has still to hit Wales it seems too !

Marcus Wood said...

Barry....you actually lost in Bromley, remember?

Barrie Wood said...

You shedded thousands of votes in one of the true-est blue seats in the country. Cameron isn't cutting it with your hard core vote. I'd be happy to see such swings fromn Tory to Lib Dem - bot least in Torbay ;-)

A hollow victory for sure. A 2005 GE majority of 13,342 down to little more than 600. LD vote went from 20 to 38 %. This was the first test of Cameron is a hitherto staunch Tory seat and he failed it !

Barrie Wood said...

Sorry about the above - can spell, can't type well !

Barrie Wood said...

Seems Nick Bye isn't quite how you described him :

I think Nick Bye is the best thing to happen to Torbay in a generation - and so do a large and growing number of the people who live here - and I would hate to think that anyone thought that I had any doubts"

I'll be happy to remind you and the people of Torbay of this nearer the next GE !

On a different tack, Marcus why use the poll ? On such small polling counts they prove nothing either way. Let me guess though, some of your Tory chums will rounded-up now to skew the poll in a different direction. Oh cynical old me !

Marcus Wood said...

Barrie, the poll was just for a bit of fun in a quiet news week, that's all.

Regarding Nick Bye. Come the General Election I will be more than happy for you to highlight my support for him.

I back my town hall colleagues, unlike your man who runs a mile from his team when the going gets tough.