Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Futile Gesture.

The news media regionally have picked up a story from Torbay Council concerning variable car park charges depending on the 'environmetal friendliness' of your car.

This must rate as one of the daftest proposals ever; even allowing for this councils rich heritage of stupid parking ideas.

At first I thought that this idea was a late April Fools joke; proof that the Lib Dems do have a sense of humour after all - but sadly, it is not.

As it is I already see confused visitors trying to work out the Byzantine regulations surrounding the Harbour Car park near my home every day. Long term parking here, short term parking there - but 'shoppers' must park on this level - but not in spaces which are reserved, and not there because we have fenced that bit off for some reason that no-one can remember. - and don't forget that some parts of the car park are locked up after 8.30pm (but not every evening, just when we feel like it).

Imagine - visitors already confused - tired of queing at the sole working ticket machine have then got to get out a calculator to work out the parking charge. What would it be? 25p per cc per hour? Or would it be per ton of CO2 per day (or part thereof)?

Imagine the ridicule of the national media as angry drivers point out the that they were made to open the bonnet of their car by our famously over-zealous NCP wardens to prove they have paid the right amount?

This is yet another badly thought through, politically motivated, anti-motorist and anti-visitor proposal from an administration that have made our council a National laughing stock.

Laughable - but not very funny. These councillors came up with this stupid idea at our expense.

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Anonymous said...

Fiasco follows fiasco. God help us all if this idea gets anywhere.