Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Best line of the day award.

No doubt about it, the last line of Question Time today was an absolute gem and a great and easy 'win' for Vince Cable.

At the end of a very heated and tense Question Time Mr Cable pointed out how Gordon Brown had turned from “Stalin to Mr Bean” in a matter of weeks, "bringing chaos where there had been order"; to uproarious laughter from MP's on all sides.

Nobody has ever doubted Mr Cable's intellect or ability, now we know he has a wicked wit, too.

What a missed opportunity, not having him as their leader.


Anonymous said...

Hang on! You forget his voice, he sounds like adenoidal teenager, all whingey and whiney. You must be promoting his candidacy in order to laugh later at their choice. A man of wit? Intellignece? Give us a break.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Lib Dems, they're going to swept away. What do they stand for anyway? remind me?

Anonymous said...

Come back Barrie Wood. All is forgiven. We need a counterpoint to these Tory dullards

Anonymous said...

Where are all the yellow whingers when you're nice about them Marcus?

They pile on here by the dozen if you dare to criticise what thay say or do but when you do say something fair minded they all disappear.

Although it was a rare event, I did think Mr Cable was V funny .

Barrie Wood said...

Anon...I haven't gone away, but I am online less often these days !

However, I have to say Vince Cable has surprised me slightly - he's proving a very capable stand-in and in this weeks 'Tribune' (Labour supporting magazine) Vince is described as the real 'great clunking fist' of the Commons. A sharp and serious economist and a consistent performer. Well done Vince !

Credit to Marcus for recognising Vince's abilities too ! It's true too that Cameron has bested Brown comfortably at PMQ's, but then Hague was a good performer there too but it didn't translate into votes did it ?

That said it isn't hard to land a 'hit' on Brown and Labour at the moment. And, how funny to see to see Dr Pedrick-Friend talking of the honesty of Brown in the letters pages of the Herald ! His sycophancy seems to have no limits !