Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just how big an issue is the Casino going to be?

Having seen the last of the Lib Dems leaflets it is clear that the party are 'betting the farm' politically on the Casino issue.

Nearly every leafelt carries references to the fact that the Casino bid and suggests that somehow this is an unpopular issue being foisted upon and unwilling populace.

One of the most difficult calls in politics sometimes is separating issues that some people feel very strongly about (and accordingly make a lot of noise about) from issues that most people worry over.

In my opinion survey less that 2% of respondants considered the Casino to be Torbays most important issue (regardless of being pro-or anti) and I wonder what hard working famailes worrying about their Council tax or the environment will make of the Lib Dems campaign.

I think that because a couple of very influential Lib Dems are personally dead set against the Casino has this skewed their campaign?

Tonight we will find out.

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Anonymous said...

A complete red herring by some people with a personal axe to grind and an issue that the Liberal Democrats were totally on the wrong side of.

It's not very Liberal to tell people they can't be trusted to gamble sensibly.